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Mission: Impossible – Fallout – Review

TL;DR Intricate, captivating plot Occasionally feels like the mission may be “impossible” – finally! Hints at current fears in society but doesn’t really get to the heart of them Incredible fight scenes and stand-out stunts Wonderful cast, each character bringing something special to the film Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby underused Proof that these films […]

The Greatest Showman – Review

Not the ‘Greatest Show’ by any means, but not to say it’s all bad. In a film riddled with missed opportunities, it tries so hard to dazzle and inspire us with awe that it forgets fundamentals in storytelling and characterisation. Still, it’s pleasant and can easily entertain… but not much more. For an easy-going family-friendly musical, you could certainly do worse.

Life – Review

TL;DR Well-written and performed characters – key to a film set in such a small location where you need to care about them Quick pace to keep everything exciting but not so hurried as to detract from quality But nothing stands out and nothing is special – Gravity and Alien without the special ‘je ne sais quoi’ ————————————— […]