White Walkers Stalking Streets of London to Promote Game of Thrones Season 7

Winter was coming; now winter is here – or so we heard at the close of season 6 back in June last year. And with the winter comes not just the bitter cold and unending snow – but crazy ice zombies, known in Westeros as the White Walkers…

They’ve been teased for seemingly ages now, the most we’ve really seen of them being the little tangle Jon Snow had with them when he was trying to recruit the Wildlings beyond the Wall to his cause and when they killed Hodor (still bitter about that one). They proved a formidable threat, yet very exciting. If the last season showed us anything, it’s that big action set-pieces and battles can be done extraordinarily well – so how do they make them better? Big battles against guys who are really difficult to kill. The hype for the arrival of the Walkers has grown and grown each season, hence why this new publicity stunt is a perfect move.

As if things weren’t scary enough in London what with Brexit and the Tories making a deal with DUP, more terrifying is the arrival of White Walkers themselves stalking the streets of London and sending shivers of sheer terror down passersby… and, you know, taking selfies with them obviously.

Led by the Night King astride a noble, intimidating steed, the costumes took 8 weeks to create and the actors spent around 4 hours in make-up. Millions watch Game of Thrones and these recognisable characters haven’t gone unnoticed. As if excitement weren’t already high for season 7, now if you walk into the centre of London there’s a chance you might come across them – beware!

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