Netflix to Make Witcher TV Series – Will This Be their Best Exclusive Yet?

Netflix is certainly starting to lead the way in exciting TV series recently. From their Marvel shows to 13 Reasons Why, Netflix keeps making excellent shows that make the whole subscription worth it.

And now they’re turning to the hardest-to-adapt medium of all time – video games. Already buying rights to adapt Castlevania into their own series, they’ve now announced (in my opinion) the most exciting TV series they could make – The Witcher.

Although, strictly speaking this series will not be an adaptation of the videogames. Instead they will follow the books originally written by Andrezj Sapkowski. Geralt is the titular Witcher, a man who’s job it is to hunt monsters and protect people. He deals with all manner of monsters, romances sorceresses and gets involved in wars and politics. It’s like a more action-centred Game of Thrones focussed on one character. And there are also dragons. Sex, violence, magic and monsters – it’s a winning combination. So it’s no surprise that CD Project Red, Polish videogame company, decided to adapt these wonderful stories as video games. The most recent instalment, Witcher III: The Wild Hunt, is one of the most successful games of all time, receiving numerous awards and being loved by fans and critics alike.

There has already been a TV adaptation of The Witcher based on the same books but this was neither good nor successful in anyway. After such wonderful books and an exciting game series it’s wonderful to see that this universe is being given the TV treatment it deserves. And who better to take it on than Netflix?

The most exciting people already on board are original writer Andrezj Sapkowski and the director of the cinematic introductions of each of the videogames. The cinematic introductions are iconic and exemplary of how exciting The Witcher can be. We can now only look forward to a trailer – but it will almost definitely be worth the wait!

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