Enjoyed World War Z? Like David Fincher? Then You’re Going to Love This…

Fans of World War Z and David Fincher can rejoice with news that he has now agreed to be on board to direct the sequel.

Known for his dark and bleak films riddled with gritty violence, he could well prove to be a perfect match for the zombie/ survival genre. After 2013’s original, it’s no surprise that Paramount have been keen to get a sequel out there, with Pitt attempting to get his old friend and collaborator Fincher on board. They studio’s been at it for a while now, trying to get it off the ground, but things have been difficult with Brad Pitt’s divorce from Angelina Jolie and JA Bayona departing the project to take on the opportunity to make Jurassic World 2.

2013’s original may not have won over many critics, but certainly proved a success at the box office

However fortunately Jim Gianopulos is now heading the studio, keen to make this sequel one of the first films he puts in motion, and has made a deal with Fincher who has agreed to helm the director’s chair for World War Z 2.

This is very good news, particularly if you thought the original World War Z was lacking a certain something. Fincher will almost certainly lend the right atmosphere, violence and bleak tone needed for a good zombie film. It’s not everyday that a sequel is set to be better than the first, but already that’s how it’s looking.

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