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How ‘The Greatest Showman’ Could Have Been ‘Great’ (But Really Wasn’t)

I love musicals. I grew up watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I was obsessed with Sweeney Todd at school. I love Hamilton and am even partial to a bit of Russell Crowe in Les Miserables. But some of the worst films are musicals – and video-game adaptations, but let’s not go there! Pitch Perfect 3 or Cats are beyond help, but the film that disappointed me most was The Greatest Showman.

Encrypted Spider-Man 3 Spoiler?

Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya post mysteriously contradicting Spider-Man Instagram posts… but what’s up with the titles? Things tend to come in threes; Spider-Man movies, Star Wars trilogies… even new Marvel titles apparently. New film titles aren’t often a big thing – it’s only occasionally we get excited about what the next Avengers or […]

10 Tips for the Ultimate Lockdown Movie Night

Miss the cinema? Want to know how to set up your very own Lockdown Movie Night? Look no further. Covid-19 has ruined much of 2020; jobs lost, businesses closed, events postponed… Even cinema has been terribly impacted by the closure of many cinemas and a range of exciting blockbusters’ releases postponed. The impact has been […]

Sorting Marvel Characters into Hogwarts Houses

With the sheer amount of characters in the MCU, there’s no denying the sheer range of personalities… We’ve already decided on Team Cap or Team Iron Man, but what if we sort them into Hogwarts Houses? (And you thought Avengers itself was already an ambitious crossover!) Would you be Team Gryffindor with the strong and […]