Good news for fans of Disney’s live action remakes! Their new version of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, has overtaken Frozen to be the highest-grossing PG film in the US, scoring a massive $487.7 million. This is only in the domestic US box office however; overseas and worldwide this accolade is still reserved for Frozen, which grossed a total of $1.28 billion, with only $400.7 million in the domestic US market.

Still, this is very good news for Disney as it signals that their live action remakes are going strong, with people very interested in seeing them. Beauty and the Beast joins its sibling live action remake, The Jungle Book, in the top five highest grossing PG-rated films in the US domestic box office, with that one in fourth place $354 million. Finding Dory is in second place with $486.3 million and then Frozen in third with $400.7 million. It’s not difficult to see that the top four highest-grossing PG-films in the domestic US box office are all from Disney. They’re certainly on top of their game at the moment, with bigger releases like Star Wars and Marvel keeping them as kings of cinema these days.

Disney still have a long list of live action remakes on the way, including Maleficent 2, Aladdin and Mulan, amongst many others. Let’s hope these films can continue their run of critical and box office sucesses.

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