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Enjoyed Rogue One? Maybe You Can Look Forward to More of the Same…

You can’t deny the popularity of the Star Wars films – even the spin-offs. 2016’s pre-Episode IV spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was hugely popular, received well by fans and critics alike, doing very well at the box office. This bodes especially well for the future of this series of spin-off films, of […]

Table 19 – Review

 TL;DR Witty, enjoyable script Funny, likable characters which give the film heart Good cast, but comic genius Stephen Merchant criminally underused But not much happens and often feels like it’s lagging Nothing really feels special about the movie, but it’s comfortable and enjoyable enough ———————————————— Table 19 is a simple, refreshing comedy of which we […]

Life – Review

TL;DR Well-written and performed characters – key to a film set in such a small location where you need to care about them Quick pace to keep everything exciting but not so hurried as to detract from quality But nothing stands out and nothing is special – Gravity and Alien without the special ‘je ne sais quoi’ ————————————— […]