Coco – Review

It might seem like a daring move to make a ‘children’s’ film about death – but yet again Pixar prove they can make a film about anything and still make it wonderful. With an original, sweet story, gorgeous visuals, wonderful music and genuine Mexican representation, Coco is a beautiful, magical film that can’t fail to delight audiences worldwide. An absolute masterpiece! Bring some tissues and get ready for one of your new favourites.

Pitch Perfect 3 – Review

Good dance choreography and occasional enjoyable music, can’t save a film drowning in irritating noise from The Bellas, an incoherent central story consistently distracted by side-plots, ditzy and annoying characters talking nonsense over each other and unfunny, crass and embarrassing attempts at comedy that fall flat on their face, with most of them coming from one character in particular… Pitch Perfect 3 is so far from ‘perfect’, I can only hope that a fourth will never come to pass.

The Greatest Showman – Review

Not the ‘Greatest Show’ by any means, but not to say it’s all bad. In a film riddled with missed opportunities, it tries so hard to dazzle and inspire us with awe that it forgets fundamentals in storytelling and characterisation. Still, it’s pleasant and can easily entertain… but not much more. For an easy-going family-friendly musical, you could certainly do worse.